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The characters sheets

Each character consists of 3 separate characters sheets:  the statistics (1st sheet), the common equipment (2nd sheet) and the uncommon stuff (3rd sheet).  Each sheet is small (6"h x 4.5"w) and all information is tracked using small plastic clips affixed to the edges (a la Arkham Horror).

The 1st sheet, the statistics, allows tracking of the characters stats:  Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Health Points and Silver Pieces.

Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity are used in combat (in various combinations) and raise through an experience system.

Health Points are lost through combat (at a rate of 1 per lost combat) and increased via healing.  Health Points can be raised well past the starting number.

Silver Pieces are the standard coin of the realm and can be spent on healing, weapons, mounts, armor, and some limited spells.  When a Foe is defeated, the creature's horde contains Silver Pieces.  Defeating monsters is the primary, though not the only way, Silver Pieces are acquired.

 On the back is your character's starting space, info on combat, some info about icons shown on the board, and a small paragraph about your character's past exploits.

The 2nd sheet, the common equipment, allows tracking of weapons (Daggers through Bastard Swords), armor (Leather Armor though Plate Armor), and mounts (Mule, Horse and Saddle Bags).  The back of this sheet allows tracking of bows (Short Bow through Recurve Bow) and arrows (Arrows and Silver Arrows).  Included with all this information is its affect on the character (bonuses) and economic information (resale value).


Sample portion of the "Weapons, Armor and Mounts" portion of the character sheet (page 2):


The 3rd sheet, the uncommon stuff, allows tracking of spells (Charm, Invisibility, etc.) and bonuses/blessings/curses (Extra Arms, McGreggor's Curse, etc.).  The back of this sheet allows tracking of special objects, including magic objects and rare/hard-to-find objects (Baubles of the Pharaohs, Flying Carpet, Map of the Shining Caves, etc.).  Included with all this information is its affect on the character, economic information and where it can be found on the board...  if one is feeling lucky...



Sample portion of the "Bonuses, Blessing, Curses" portion of the character sheet (page 3):




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