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Phantasy Realm comes with four different adventures.  While the story element of each places them in chronological order they can be played in any order and multiple times.  Only one adventure is played per game and to win the game you must complete that adventure's winning condition(s).

Three of the adventures are competitive (races to complete various types of quests) while the last one is combative - though none are "last-man-standing: kill-off-all-the-other-characters-so-your-friends-will-be-annoyed-at-you-all-day" type of adventures.

The front of each adventure contains a short vignette about the scenario.  The back of each adventure lists the winning conditions for the adventure, some "quest notes" outlining the "rules of the game" for this adventure, and "quest hints" outlining some tips and tricks for completing the quest faster (mainly aimed at new players.)

Adventure 1:  The Contest - This is the most basic adventure and runs, with experienced players, between 40 minutes and 1 hour consistently.

You all are racing for the title of Chief Courier.  You must prove you are fast, and strong, and willing to help the local populous.  You prove this by being the first to defeat a Foe in each of the four sections of the board, and then registering the kill with the local authorities.

Adventure 2:  Treasure Hunt - This adventure can take as little as 35 minutes to complete and as long as 2 hours (usually about 1 1/4 hours) depending on dice rolls (you are looking for elusive treasure that is more elusive if you are plagued by bad rolls.)   Adding 2 Bazaars to the board at the begining of play reduces play time by 15-30 minutes, and almost guarantees the completion of this adventure in under 1.5 hours.

You are racing to become the squire of Bason Essema - just find 3 Magic Objects and give them to the churches in the Gods' Pavilion first to win.

Adventure 3:  Knight's Club - This plays at about 1 1/4 hours consistently.

All you need is the right equipment to bribe your way into the title "Knight of the Order"...

Adventure 4:  Tournament -This is the most advanced adventure, the farthest removed from the core game play, and should only be played with experienced players.  This is also the only adventure in the core game that you set the playing time before play begins (1 1/2 hours is recommended.)

During the course of play you can challenge other characters to a mock duel.  The winner of the most duels at times end wins the game.


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