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A turn

There are two basic types of turns and each is available depending on the type of movement you choose.  Traveling allows for the fastest movement across the board but allows for no encountering.  Searching, while limiting the distance you can choose to move, allows for an encounter once arriving on your destination space.

So your turn is either:  Travel and turn end, or Search and Encounter.

There are a number of options for encountering.  Here are a few:  

  • Encounter an empty space (draw a random chit to interact with)

  • Encounter a place (buy, sell, trade, heal, get trapped, encounter someone/thing odd, etc.)

  • Fight another character (and if you win you can steal something from him or her)

  • Fight a Foe (Elementals, Ghasts, the Sand Demon, Giant Toads, and more...   oh, so much more)

  • Shoot at a Foe on another space

  • Shoot at a character

Because you choose the distance and type of movement, you get to determine what your strategy is ahead of time - what to fight, what to run from, whom to attack...


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