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There are many different pieces of equipment you can buy, sell, find, and use in Phantasy Realm.  In general:

  • Weapons add bonuses to your attack value for specific forms of combat.  The swords add to Physical, while the bows add to Ranged.  There are no weapons that add to Mental combat...

  • Mounts adjust how far you can move and how many things you can carry.

  • Objects tend to be worth money when taken someplace on the board, or give you knowledge about specific spaces (The Map of the Shining Caves allows you to choose your encounter when on that space.)

  • Magical Objects adjust about anything in the game - raise your statistics, choose the next two encounters, improve combat totals, adjust movement, and more.

In game play, there are really two groups of equipment:  common and uncommon.

The common equipment are found on the 2nd small character sheet and include:  weapons, armor, mounts & saddle bags, and (continuing on the back) bows and arrows.  These are the items that are most likely to be used most games.  Each item lists it ability (Long Sword - +3 to Physical) and its resale value.

The uncommon equipment, items and objects that are seen every 10, 50, 100 games, are all listed on the back of the 3rd character sheet.  The items listed include things like:  Camel (a mount), Baubles of the Pharaohs, Elven Wine, and Uncut Diamond.  Each item lists where it can be found (Saltoran Castle), its ability and its resale value.




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