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Phantasy Realm was designed to carry depth - each play should be just similar enough to allow for strategic plays, but changing enough so that odd and unusual things occur each game.  In this, I believe Phantasy Realm succeeds.

The core game comes with a large number of chits, but you never play through them all during a single game.  Meaning, there are some chits (encounters) you will not see for 5 games, and then see for 3 games in a row, and then not see for another 9 games.  So even at this basic level there is some good depth of play.

The places on the board up the depth even more.  Some places are encountered almost every game, while others are encountered every 5 games or so.  And in Places there are a number of odd and unusual encounters.  Meaning there are some things you will see and do every 25 games, 50 games, 200 games.

You can play many, many games and still see something new.

Additionally, some Foes in the game are hugely powerful.  Even after playing for an hour, Dragons will usually still take your head off.  So when you DO defeat a dragon, or the Sand Demon, it is of significance.

Add to this the world, and the adventures, the flavor text throughout - it all adds up to a great world to play in.

We hope you agree.


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