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How Spells work

The two new characters in this expansion begin with spell(s), but all characters can gain spells during the course of play - through a dice check after defeating a Foe.  (If successful, you gain 2 spells.)

Spells are cast at any time by any player, limited only by the cast requirements of the spell itself - all effects must be able to occur, your character must have the intelligence to cast the spell, a viable target is available, the spell is cast when it is allowed (if it has a specific time it must be cast), etc.

Persistent Spells:  Some spells, when cast, enhance a character in an ongoing fashion - these function like Talents.  They can adjust a character's statistics up, increase combat prowess, and enhance movement speeds, and the like.  Usually, these will stay with the casting character through the rest of the game...  but there are spells that can steal persistent spells - so beware!  :-)

See "Alternate Uses for Spells" for information on the misc. symbols and numbers on the spell cards.

Sample Spell cards:



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