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Alternate uses for Spells

The number towards the upper left of the Spell card shows the number of Intelligence points above your starting number you need to have to cast the Spell.


The left Spell can be cast by all characters from the start of the game,
while the Spell shown on the right can only be cast by a character who has raised his or her Intelligence by at least 3 points.

So what do you do with a Spell you can't cast?  Use it to add to your combat total (burning Spells)
or save it and use a set of Spells to enhance one statistic (trading in Spells).

Burning Spells:  Before rolling the dice for combat, you can discard a Spell and add the number on the Spell to your combat total.  (So if you "burned" the card at the right, shown above, you add 3 to one combat total.)  Multiple Spells can be burned to add even more to the combat total.

Trading in Spells:  Or you can trade in sets of 3 Spells to add one to one statistic.  Any 3 Spells you have that have the same symbols or all different symbols can be turned in this way.

Example sets:



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