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Who is the GM?

One of the totally amazing things about The Role-Playing Gametm is there is NO GM.  That's right, everyone is a player.  Isn't that awesome?!

Of course, if you feel you really need a GM to feel safe, much the same reason you still carry your baby blanket around, we recommend you make the person who brings the most pizza the GM.  More as an honorary thing than anything else.


The core rules and two adventures are available for FREE download.

The Role-Playing Game (tm) Rule Book:

  • The Rule Book, front (400kb)
  • The Rule Book, back (595kb)
  • Character Sheet/Assessories Sheet (115kb)

Adventure #002:  Temple of Elemental Weevils

The NEW one!!!!!

Adventure #027:  Rescue Princess Fionna de la Croix From the Clutches of the Evil Wizard Pietro Grimaldi



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