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Character Creation

Character creation is a very easy, painless process.  Once your stat block is created (it is percentage-based), you can move on to more important things like your character's name.  We recommend taking a normal name and adjusting it slightly to get a new, cool fantasy name.  Here are some examples:

Normal name -- new, cool fantasy name

Tom Smith  --  Thom Smyth

Rachel Plimpton  --  Ratel  Pliton

Bob Samuelson  --  Rickonstine Von Mercurealistiscone

See how easy that is?  (If you really get stuck for a character name, we recommend you pick up a copy of the TRPGtm Rogue's Gallery.  Chock full of hundreds of pre-generated characters!)

Oh, and last, you can write down your character's description, and equipment, and stuff.  If you really feel compelled.


The core rules and two adventures are available for FREE download.

The Role-Playing Game (tm) Rule Book:

  • The Rule Book, front (400kb)
  • The Rule Book, back (595kb)
  • Character Sheet/Assessories Sheet (115kb)

Adventure #002:  Temple of Elemental Weevils

The NEW one!!!!!

Adventure #027:  Rescue Princess Fionna de la Croix From the Clutches of the Evil Wizard Pietro Grimaldi


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