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Adventure Creation

This is the area that TRPGtm shines the most.  The [patent pending] adventure creation process allows you, as a group of players, to create an adventure of any length, any depth and any scale - within minutes!!

You want to travel to the Mountains of Unlikely Survival to rescue the incredibly gorgeous Elven Princess Elena Silverbrow?  Done - now go play it!

Want to fight a horde of invading henderstaads to save a small but sincerely worried village?  Go to it!

Yes, with the tools given in The Role-Playing Gametm you can be playing full campaigns in minutes.

Adventure is just around the corner!


The core rules and two adventures are available for FREE download.

The Role-Playing Game (tm) Rule Book:

  • The Rule Book, front (400kb)
  • The Rule Book, back (595kb)
  • Character Sheet/Assessories Sheet (115kb)

Adventure #002:  Temple of Elemental Weevils

The NEW one!!!!!

Adventure #027:  Rescue Princess Fionna de la Croix From the Clutches of the Evil Wizard Pietro Grimaldi



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