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The Final Showdown

War! Solo Adventure is a 24-turn game.  You have twenty-four turns to build yourself up enough to survive the final battle...  against all War! chits left on the board.  The final turn ends with you fighting each remaining War! chit over and over until you or they are defeated.  Here is the info from the rules:

When the Turn Indicator marker is moved to the 24th turn space it is time for the final reckoning – time to fight all remaining War Chits.

1. Move your turn marker (Euram) to the new turn, turn 24
2. Add the last War chit to the board on Ralcor
3. Take your turn
4. Move all War chits still up on the board to Ralcor
5. Move yourself to Ralcor
6. All War! chits using Ranged combat move to any adjoing space (we hope you remembered to buy a bow and enough arrows!!)
7. The remaining War chits fight you one at a time until they are all defeated, or you fall. They can be fought in any order and you can switch between War chits after any battle (so if you lose to one you can decide to have another attack you next.)



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