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What is a Kutout game?

[The Short Overview]  A KutOut Game is one that requires you, the purchaser, to cut out components - chits, cards, etc. using scissors and/or an Xacto blade.

[War! Solo Adventure Cutting Requirements]  War! requires the cutting out of (16) chits, the turn indicator, an adventure and the turn markers.  Estimated time required:  15 minutes (we guess the average will be one episode of the old Gunsmoke radio show, minus the commercials for cigarettes.)


[The larger KutOut Game Overview]  As the name implies, KutOut Games represent high quality, full color, complete games that require some assembly - including cutting with a scissors or Xacto blade. KutOut Games bring to market, in very limited quantities, quality games from local and international game designers. Each game is printed in full color with non-water-soluble thermal wax inks, and then hand assembled with other quality game components. This process of manufacturing high quality, hand made games brings to the game playing public great games that might not otherwise be published in the mass market. To help keep the games’ prices down, KutOut Games brings the game buyer into the production process. Usually less than an hour of cutting results in a beautiful, and unique, game. KutOut Games imprint licensed from Khalsa-Brain Games.


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