Hashi (working title)

Hashi (né From Here to There) is a competative, LEGO, bridge building game where players take turns rolling dice to buy and build with bricks, attempting to go from the starting location to the target ending location before everyone else – without touching down until they get to the other side.

If they build the correct pre-requisites during construction, they can hire additional personnel to help, such as Foreman, Safety Inspector, and Laborer.

I see there is a game out this year (2021) called Hashi, so the name will need to change. Sigh. But in the meantime, I am refreshing the graphics and updating the rules to include the added personnel.

Hashi won! Hashi (was "From Here to There") won 1st place in the 2013 KublaCon Game Design Contest.

Whew. Entered five different revisions of three games over the years and finally one comes in first instead of a bridesmaid. Feels good.

Hashi was 2nd in the 2012 KublaCon Game Design Contest.