ZoxSo is an amazing boardgame designed by David Weinstock. It is a nifty abstract strategy game that plays in under 20 minutes. It feels like a classic game, one that sould have/could have been created in the past, but it also incorporates new designs that make if absolutely modern. I have no clue how he walked that line, but he did. I love this game.

David has stepped away from boardgame design and publishing to focus on other things, and I said I would take his stock and continue to evangelize it and get it out into the marketplace.

Of course, 2020 and covid said, "You need to put those plans on hold." Sigh. So in the meantime here are links.

        BoardGameGeek.com listing: BGG.com page

        Facebook page: Facebook

        Rules (I think these are the newest): Rulebook.pdf

        A couple of the Reviews: Review 01 | Review 02 | GeekDad Review

        My store/ZoxSo listings on eBay - get your copy today!: CuriousGames Store