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Spells & Spell Casters Errata & FAQs

Errata #1 - On all "teleportation-type" Spells (Hoppin' Harold's Regional Teleport, Smith's Mystical Transportation, and Cybil's Mystical Transportation) the text should state the following info:

"If cast on another character during their turn, but prior to movement, they move AND encounter that same turn."  They do not move then lose their turn then Search the space the turn after. 

Errata #2 - Not really Errata - just a great suggestion from a fan:  Use card protector sleeves on the Spell cards.  This keeps the cards in great condition despite heavy use during games.  We recommend the Player's Choice brand of sleeves.

[FAQuestion]  Adventure #3 Knight's Club - Does a Magical Mount satisfy the Horse criteria of the Knight's Club quest?

[Answer] Absolutely.  In fact, the "Magical" in Magical Mount allows it to take the place of ANY of the required objects on the list - just as if your nifty mount were a Magic Object.

[FAQuestion]  Burning Spells - Can you burn Spells to increase either side of a combat, even if you are not involved in the fight?

[Answer] Nope.  You can burn your Spells to increase your own combat total only.  No doubt people may adjust this through a house rule, but the official rule says no.  (This may change with team rules.)

[FAQuestion]  Casting Spells - Can you play a spell that the full effect can't be done?  That is, is playing a Spell saying "look at opponent's spells, take one" valid on someone without Spell cards?

[Answer] Nope.  You need to be able to fully complete the effects of the Spell for it to be used.  You can only cast "Tanador's Skilled Con" on someone owning an Object you can steal.  Another example is "Aggression" can only be cast if there actually IS a Foe in that same region.

[FAQuestion]  Wish vs. Spell - Can a Wish remove or steal a persistent Spell from another character?

[Answer] Nope.  I wanted people to feel modestly secure about casting persistent Spells, especially the ones with a special power that costs an additional amount to play.  Wishes are too easy to come by.  Though if you are set upon stealing persistent Spells there are a few Spell cards that allow you to destroy or steal them.

[FAQuestion]  Filbert - Filbert is too powerful.  He keeps casting tons of Spells!

[Answer] Make sure you note the limitations on burning, trading in and casting Spells.  Remember, Filbert can burn Spells only during his own combat.  Trading in Spells happens only during his turn.  And Spells can only be cast if there is a viable target and all effects can be played out.  Try it again and see if these don't put a nice limit to the brutal power that is Filbert!



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