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Phantasy Realm Errata and FAQs


Phantasy Realm Errata & FAQs

Errata #1 - On Elizabeth Forbes' character sheet, her talent should read "The turn after defeating a Foe, Elizabeth can add 1 to her movement max."  NOTE:  this bonus is NOT cumulative, it is an available option for the turn after defeating a Foe only.

Errata #2 - On the Equipment section of the Rule Book, it should read "86 Encounter Chits (various colors)", not 90.

Errata #3 - On Scroll of Destruction, follow the instructions in the Chits & Things book - not those on the chit itself.

Errata #4 - In the Fields of the Lost, you teleport to the nearest Foe on a roll of 6-8, not just 7-8.

[General Note] - Adventure #2 - To make this game end in a more consistent amount of time, add 2 Bazaar chits to the board before the start of play.  This gives everyone targets for purchasing Magic Objects.

[FAQ] #1 - Adventure #1 Question: "Can I kill a Foe in my starting Region, then complete the other regions, then register the kill in my first region?"

[Answer] Nope.  The adventure rules specifically state you must complete all other regions THEN go back to your starting Region and defeat a Foe and register it. So even if you defeat one Foe early in your region you still must defeat another once done with all other Regions.


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